Alone in a New World #2

Shinji finds himself searching for food by the seashore and suddenly finds another survivor in this future; Mari has managed to survive, but has gone several days without food. Shinji decides to take her wit him back to the laboratories of NERV in search of supplies, not knowing that there they will find a mysterious person.


:bulletgreen:Pages: 19 + 1 Cover + 5 Bonus pages

:bulletgreen:TF: Age Progression/Age Regression/Pregnant

:bulletgreen:Digital comic

:bulletgreen:Only for adults ( 18+ )

:bulletgreen:Idea by Locofuria copyright 2017

:bulletgreen:Art by Witchking00 

:bulletgreen:Cover by Genzoman 


You can find Alone in a New World #3, here:

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USD 10.00

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