After being ambushed by the nefarious Ranamon, Zoe Orimoto will have to face her alone in combat. But this evil digimon has a plan against Kazemon that involves Zoe's Digivice. How will the cutest DigiDestined get out of this one?


Bullet; GreenPages: 21 + 1 Cover 

Bullet; GreenTF: Age Progression/Bimbo Girl/Breast Expansion/Butt Expansion

Bullet; GreenDigital comic

Bullet; GreenOnly for adults ( 18+ )

Bullet; GreenPATREON FEMALE TRANSFORMATION - 6th Patreon Project 

Bullet; GreenEditing by Locofuria copyright 2020

Bullet; GreenIdea by Zillo

Bullet; GreenArt by Homero Go

Bullet; GreenColors by IZA

Bullet; GreenLineart by Gunawanistiadi1278

Bullet; GreenCover colors by Art of Helios 

Bullet; GreenLettering by Aivinr 

Bullet; GreenWritten by Andean Rain

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USD 10.00

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