Bimbo Avengers

Doctor Strange saw 14 million and 65 futures were he, The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galexy fought Thanos. In only one of them Thanos was beaten, but there was also one future where Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet with other intentions! In that future, everything changes, everything transforms. Make Mine Marvel, we present you the Bimbo Avengers!


Bullet; GreenPages: 20 + 1 Cover 

Bullet; GreenTF: Transgender/Werewoman/Bimbo Girl/Multibreast

Bullet; GreenDigital comic

Bullet; GreenOnly for adults ( 18+ )

Bullet; GreenEditing by Locofuria copyright 2020

Bullet; GreenArt by Homero Go

Bullet; GreenLineart by Soul Joer 

Bullet; GreenColors by IZA

Bullet; GreenCover colors by Art of Helios 

:bulletgreen:Lettering by Aivinr 

:bulletgreen:Written by Andean rain

:bulletgreen:Commissioned by Gastongtm 

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USD 9.50

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